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  • Using VR in Marketing

    VR Marketing – what is it? VR marketing is a variety of marketing activities based on virtual and augmented reality solutions. VR marketing differs from traditional marketing in that all […]

  • Business Model Canvas – how to fill in?

    One of the most popular ways of presenting a business model is the so-called Business Model Canvas, proposed by Alexander Osterwalder. What is a business model? The business model describes […]

  • Determining the market potential of technologies

    If you are considering commercialising the results of your R&D work, whether by setting up a spin-off or another form of cooperation with the business, we suggest that you pay […]

  • How to attract other people’s money

    You can attract other people’s money to start a business from scratch. The sources of such finance will be a partner, an investor, sponsors, and a winner in a competition […]

  • How to get a loan from a bank

    If you don’t have enough money for business development or you don’t have enough money, go to the bank and apply for a loan. You will not be able to […]